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Def Jam Fight For NY Download Movie Free

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646f9e108c D-Mob, after being arrested for involvement in a shooting, is broken out of police custody. Now, his crew is involved in a major turf war with Crow, with control of New York's underground at stake.
At the conclusion of the big fight in Def Jam Vendetta, D-Mob, the gangster who controlled the New York underground, was arrested. His arrest is shortlived, however, as a young punk (the player) busts D-Mob out of police custody on his way to jail. But on the street, reputation and respect are everything, and D-Mob lost both. Another gangster by the name of Crow is muscling in on D-Mob's New York turf. The only way to get it back is to fight for it, in the clubs, the streets, the alleys and the basements. There's no holds barred and no holding back in the Fight for New York.
Def Jam: Fight for NY is a great game, and it&#39;s not short. Beginning in story mode, you have to train yourself to get stronger and face bigger, better fighters. During the long adventure, you&#39;ll start to build fame and gain a good reputation. At the end, those who hated you will have joined your side. To me, the ending feels sad because you started off unknown to the community and you&#39;ve now became the true warrior- forever, with a well known standing name. Your once enemies are now your troops.<br/><br/>However, I think the producers lacked on the ending. So much movie clips in the beginning and so little in the end.<br/><br/>Graphics- Very clean and smooth. Frame skip is excellent and rarely any slowdowns.<br/><br/>Sound- Ouch! Do you hear all that bone-crunching and snapping? High quality sound effects makes you feel it! <br/><br/>Music- Sadly 25 artist tracks in the game.<br/><br/>Gameplay- Challenging to learn. That&#39;s why there&#39;s a gym to train you to become a pro in no time.<br/><br/>Replay value- Very high. If you love hip hop artists and movie stars and like to see them fight one-on-one, Def Jam is very fun to play. Over 30 characters and lots of stages to choose from. Some stages got rules like- Ring out, subway match, burn &#39;em and window match. Can&#39;t go bored.<br/><br/>Overall rating- 8/10.
I am not much of a gamer and I usually go for puzzle or cartoon-type games. I have Never likes fighting games. but as a hip-hop / rap lover I wanted to try this game out. my plans were to buy it used and then give it back in trade-in. Yeah Right!!! i fell in love with the game!! The whole make your own character, the customizing, the characters themselves!! Everything!! I finished it with a character I made to look like the guy of my dreams (hehehe) and then started again to try to get the trophies. I played it straight through the first time without taking trophies in consideration. (Like I said, I&#39;m not much of a gamer and I&#39;ve always sucked in fighting games that&#39;s why i never liked them) I read that Def Jam 3 is coming out and the characters are gonna look more real, the accessories will have a role also (what I mean is 4 ex. rings will influence punches), and you&#39;ll be able to have more control over your character vs. no6t having control during the whole blazing, etc. I think the report came out in last month&#39;s Game Informer magazine. Also instead of having it be about underground fighting is gonna be more about starting up your own record label. I can&#39;t wait!!!!

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